Business with your best friends

It is a great step to go from ideas and concept to execution, then having a real business in which sweat, time and money are involved. What is not that great is going into business with your best friends, those who you have spent stupid large amount of time talking about everything-life, traveling and having tons of fun on the way. Friendships get on the way of business – or the opposite, then you end up with one or the other, but rarely both unless your business personality matches those of your business partners / once-best-friends.

Once you get in business with your best friends, you guys might end up spending even more time together, but talks will mostly be about business. Friendship runs away – it kind of disappear some days. There would rarely be anything like pure friendship anymore. Fun talks, life philosophical thoughts and reflections feels like a thing of the past. Now business talks such as development, strategies, growth and further executions will take over whether you like it or not.

I feel I have lost my best friends for getting into business with them. It is not the same friendship anymore – similar to when someone breaks up with his or her partner and try to be friend again; it rarely happen, but you wish it did. There are tons of things I have learned in this process that I would not repeat. Hopefully, one day I can recover these extraordinary friendships somehow, somewhere, simply because these people matter to me.


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